3 Favorite Dried Florals


This post summarizes 3 of my favorite dried florals to use for decor and provides links for where you can find them.

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If you have been following along on this blog, or on any of the social media platforms, you will know that I love flowers and that I use dried florals in almost every project. Over the past several months, some of you have asked me where you can find similar dried florals. So the purpose of today’s post is to share my 3 favorite and most used dried florals as well as links where you can purchase them.

3 Favorite Dried Florals

I am going to divide this post into 3 different categories of dried florals that include hydrangeas, daisies and pampass grass.


Dried Hydrangeas

Without a doubt, I used dried hydrangeas the most. I love their large blossom heads and they seem to retain at least some of their color when they dry. A large bunch of these dried flowers always makes a great statement.

Below are some sources that sell these beautiful dried florals.

Of course, you can also dry your own hydrangeas. If you are lucky enough to have a hydrangea bush in your yard, you can cut them towards the end of the season (Late September) and hang them upside down in a cool dark room to dry.

Dried Hydrangeas 2

There is an entire post on how to create this chippy white basket for your front door. I use this basket all the time and love how it looks.


You can never go wrong with dried daisies, since they always look cheerful and inviting. These delicate little flowers are usually dried in bunches. I have used them throughout my home to add texture or to simply brighten a corner. These flowers are great to use in areas of your home that may not get enough natural light for house plants.

Dried Daisies 1

I love the dried “Rodanthe” daisies the most although, I am happy to provide a home for all types of dried daisies.

Below are some links to these beautiful dried florals.

Dried Daisies 2

Do you see that piece of architectural salvage on the wall with the hook? Here is a post on how you can create something similar.

Pampass Grass

This a “go to” dried floral for the end of summer and fall. Brides and grooms have started integrating this large dried floral into their wedding arrangements.

Dried Pampass Grass

This tall fluffy grass, shown on the left side of the vase, is a great way to make a statement for your entryway and is surprisingly durable. (Truthfully, it makes a statement for any occasion) I ordered this bunch of pampass grass two years ago and it is still going strong. I bring it out in August and carefully wrap it up in newspaper for storage in November.

See the lamp on left? You can learn how to DIY your own pottery lamp in this post. Also, you can learn how to make that wreath using paper from antique books in this post.

Below are links to some of these fabulous dried florals.

Dried Pampass Grass 2

Here is one more photo showing some of the smaller and shorter variety of Pampass Grass.


Thank you for stopping by the blog today. I hope you found some inspiration for using dried florals.

This post by Green Wedding Shoes also has great information about dried florals.

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3 favorite dried florals 3

3 favorite dried florals 1

3 favorite dried florals 2

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  1. I LOVE this!! Your photos are just stunning, Anna. They really make all of these dried flowers come to life. Those little daisies are SO cute.

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks so much! i just discovered the dried daisies this year and they are favorite dried floral to use. Thank you for commenting!

  2. My favorite dried flowers are hydrangeas and lavender. At the end of summer I always dry some out. Love how you displayed all your dried flowers. Your home looks great.

    1. Hi Meagan! Thank you for the feedback. I also LOVE lavender! It always smells fabulous. Thank you for the comment.

  3. It’s been forever since I’ve incorporated dried flowers into the mix. I definitely should do it more often because I love all the ones you chose. They’re really beautiful! Loving and pinning as always sweet friend, your pictures are amazing! Hugs, CoCo

    1. I think I am addicted to dried flowers now! They are taking over my office. Thanks for commenting CoCo!

  4. The daisies are so cute! I’ve not thought of using dried daisies in our home but you have inspired me! My faves are definitely the hydrangeas. I’ve tried drying my own and some years it works out great and other years not so much. I must be doing something wrong! Thanks for sharing your ideas, Anna! Pinned a couple of the pics!

    1. Yes, the Rodhanthe daisies are my favorite. They are delicate but bring texture to any setting. Thanks for commenting!

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