5 Spring Favorite Finds


With the change of seasons, it’s nice to bring in a few fresh things into your home. Here are 5 spring favorite finds I am adding to my home.

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We are eager for spring to arrive. Now that we are in the month of March, it feels like winter is receding and that warmer days are just around the corner. Although snow still blankets the ground, there is a change in the air. The wind isn’t quite as cold. The sun is rising earlier and the days last a little longer.

With these changes in nature, I am inspired to bring a few new things into my home to celebrate the season. I want to share with 5 spring favorites since I thought they would enhance your home and life too.

1. Spring Cleaning

It wouldn’t be spring without some deep cleaning to get rid of all the winter dust, salt, mud, sand and general grime that builds up as we trek in and out of the house. When I say “we” I mean Mr. SLH, myself and our two dogs whom we take out for walks at least 3 times every day.

My favorite cleaning products to use in the house are created by Mrs. Meyers. In addition to being all natural and nontoxic, they smell fabulous. I recently saw that they had produced their scented spring line up, which include the smell of lilacs!

2. Head Planter

These are growing in popularity. I already own one but I love the idea of creating a collection of different sized “heads” in which plants can grow. Also, these head planters look great when filled with other items such as candles, feathers and cut flowers.

3. Bee Bombs

Soon the snow will be gone and it will be the perfect time to toss these bombs with wild flower seeds in the yard, nearby field or even in a patch of land along a road. I love the idea that by simply planting flowers, we can help the pollinators. If you haven’t heard, the pollinator population has been on the decline and they need all the help we can give them. It sounds like a great excuse to plant flowers! Plus, let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be satisfying chucking one of these seed balls into a field?

4. Outdoor Caddy

If you are anything like me, you are probably running into and out of the house looking for different tools, string, seeds, seed labels, etc when you are working in the yard. This outdoor caddy from the Hearth and Hand line solves that problem.

Also, I love the fun green color of this caddy, probably because it reminds me of spring.

5. Striped Napkins

In this day and age where we are short on time to prepare and eat a meal, I love using cloth napkins. When we actually have time to sit down to a meal at the dining room table, it feels a little luxurious and a little fancy to use cloth napkins. Using cloth napkins is a simple way to elevate a meal and make it feel special. I always have a collection of cloth napkins we can use that are stacked on the table. Spring is the perfect time to refresh a collection or to introduce a new pattern. I love these striped napkins from the Hearth and Hand line since they can be used for spring and summer. They are a timeless style and the quality is great. All of the napkins I have purchased from the Hearth and Hand line have held up well over time.

Here’s a tip so you don’t have to iron your napkins. I don’t put my napkins into the dryer. I put them into the washing machine and lay them flat to dry. Voila. No ironing.


Thank you for stopping by the blog today. I hope you are as excited about spring as I am. It will be so nice to be outside and not have to wear a down parka. It will also be nice to see flowers again – oh- and the pollinators too.

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  1. I feel winter is almost gone after reading your blog post. Spring is right around the corner. I love all your blog posts.

    1. Thank you Jimmy! That’s very kind of you! I will keep writing blog posts so you can keep reading them!

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