6 Vintage Containers as Decorative Floral Vases

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Have you wanted to use vintage containers as floral vases?  I am showing you 6 different containers you can use for your flower arrangements.  

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As an antiques dealer, I am always stumbling upon some beautiful and unique floral containers. After speaking with my friends and family, many of them never thought about using these containers as floral vases. They typically reach for their tried and true white pitcher or glass bud vase for their flower arrangements. (Not that there’s anything wrong with using the tried and true containers! ) However, if you feel like expanding your creative boundaries, and finding different way to use vintage containers then here are 6 examples of flower arrangements in some of my favorite vessels. 

6 Vintage Containers as Floral Vases

Where to get vintage containers

These unique containers are part of my personal collection and are items I have found over the years at various vintage markets and shows. Where possible, I have provided links to similar vintage containers sold online.  However, you can get most of these unique containers from a thrift store, antique market or even yard sale.  It’s fun to amass a collection over time. 

Where to get flowers

I purchased a bunch of fresh flowers, shown in the photos, from the local grocery store and Trader Joe’s.  I also went into my yard to gather some small clippings of ferns, branches and hosta leaves. The whole idea behind this post is that you can re-create these same floral designs in your own home.   It doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. 

1. Cast Iron Urns

While cast iron urns are frequently used outside in the garden – they are seldom used inside a home as a floral container.  I usually put a glass jar or plastic liner inside the cast iron urns, filled  with water, for the flowers.   Cast iron urns create beautiful floral arrangements in an entryway or on a sideboard.  These are my favorite vintage vessels to use for flowers.  

Vintage containers as floral vases cast iron urns

Just a quick note, cast iron urns can be heavy!  So, make sure you are placing them on a stable surface. 

Cast iron urn vase

2. Architectural Salvage

I love finding sections of old columns or any architectural salvage with a hollow center. Applying the same principle as above, I simply add a jar with water for the flowers.  

Vintage containers as floral vases architectural salvage

Architectural salvage floral arrangements look lovely on a dining table.  This is especially true if you have a small collection with 3 or 4 pieces.   These can be very pretty when incorporated into wedding decorations.

Architectural salvage column as a vase

3. Old Tins

Normally, it’s fairly easy to find old coffee and tobacco tins.  I am always on the lookout for old candy tins, cookie tins or unusual tins with pretty colors.  Again, because these older tins can be fragile, I usually place a jar on the interior. 

Vintage Container as floral vases tins

If you find a tin that has the bottom rusted through, then simply put a plate underneath the entire arrangement.  

Old tin as a vase

4. Trophy Cups

People always ask me what I plan to do with the old trophies I collect and usually my response is – use them for flowers.  If you don’t have old trophy cups, then there are plenty of metal vases that simulate a trophy cup form. 

Vintage containers as floral vases trophy

Given the shape of these containers, sometimes I add a small bowl with water instead of a jar.  Evaluate the size and shape of the container to determine what works best for you.

Trophy cup as flower vase

5. Flour or Sugar Canisters

There are a wide variety of old canisters that can be found in vintage and antique markets.  It’s always fun to repurpose these canisters as flower vases.  I tend to use the Flour or Sugar canisters because they are the largest.  However, you could easily create a quaint arrangement in a small canister for tea or spices. The one shown in the photo is from England, is enamelware and is fairly large.  

Vintage Containers as floral vases Flour Canister

If you want to repurpose an old flour or sugar canister for a flower arrangement, just be sure the bottom of the canister is solid.  As with the other containers, I simply put a glass insert (a jar) or plastic liner inside the canister and then add the flowers. 

Flour canister as a vase

6. Old Bottles

This is my favorite way to create a floral display.  It’s easy, fast and doesn’t require much thought or planning. Put a collection of old bottles together and then fill them with cut flowers.  This works best for delicate flowers with small stems such as daisies or cosmos. 

Vintage containers as floral vases bottles

When purchasing old bottles, look closely to be sure they aren’t cracked.  

old bottles as vases

Other Ideas

In addition to those containers shown above, here are some additional vintage containers you can use for your floral arrangements:

  • Vintage coffee pot – especially those made of enamelware
  • Amber bottles – perfect for fall arrangements
  • Old Mason jar
  • Vintage pottery 
  • Baskets – again with glass inserts for flowers


Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I hope you found some inspiration and will look around your home for some vintage containers that can be used as floral vases.

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  1. These are all such unique and creative ideas, Anna! I’m definitely with your friends and family I would have never even thought about half of these. You always have such a great way of seeing past the conventional way something is supposed to be used. It’s one of my favorite things about you and your blog. Hugs, CoCo

  2. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with us! I love how you think out-of-the-box! Pinning now so I can refer back to this next time I’m putting together a floral arrangement!

    1. The tin was for Italian Amaretto biscotti and I found it at a yard sale. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

  3. These are great ideas Anna! I actually do most of them myself and I agree with you 100%. It adds so much to the arrangement. I have never used a piece of architectural salvage tho! I’m loving that idea. I will be on the look out for sure. XO- MaryJo

    1. Thank you so much MaryJo! Yes, I noticed that we have a lot in common with our home decor styles!

  4. I never thought of using trophy cups for vases. Great suggestion!
    Love old bottles for single flowers.

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