DIY Painted Wooden Mushroom Ornaments for Christmas

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Learn how to make your own DIY wooden mushroom ornaments with this easy-to-follow tutorial! These are perfect for holiday decor. They are made with simple materials such as wood shaped mushrooms, paint, glue, and glitter,  so they’re easy to create. 

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Back Story

This year for the holiday season, I want to have a woodland theme for my decor.  Something a bit whimsical and rustic with a nod to nature.  As a result, I was inspired to create a variety of mushroom ornaments.  It seemed like a good jumping off point for the holiday season decor.  

These holiday ornaments are easy to make and don’t require any fancy or complicated supplies. In this post, I will walk you through the process for making these adorable ornaments.  The supplies needed to make this project are very affordable and easy to get. 

Mushrooms are a sign of good luck and are associated with longevity.  They also have spiritual significance and are thought to bring good fortune.  In Germany, it is a tradition to hang mushroom ornaments on Christmas trees to bring good luck in the coming new year. For all of these reasons, it seemed appropriate to create some DIY mushroom ornaments and incorporate them into my holiday decor.

DIY Painted Wooden Mushroom Ornaments

Depending upon how many holiday ornaments you decide to make, you can make these in an afternoon.  I made about 20 ornaments in 4 hours.  


As with any project, the first thing we need to do is gather our supplies.  Most of these supplies are available at your local craft store such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Joann’s Fabric.  The only items that you may have to order online are the wooden mushrooms.  Where possible, I have provided links to online sources.  Below is a supply list:

The most important component of this project are the unfinished wooden mushrooms. I purchased a set of 20  unfinished wooden mushrooms from Amazon for about $23, which was the best deal.  Each mushroom cost a little bit more than $1.  The best part about ordering these wooden mushrooms is that they come in different shapes and sizes.  So, you get a variety of mushrooms to work with.  (Of course, if you are an Amazon Prime member, then you will get free shipping)

Add Eye Hooks to Mushroom Tops

Using your drill and drill bit, add a small hole in the center of each wooden mushroom top.  

Drill  and screw eye

Once the hole has been drilled, screw in the appropriate size screw eye to allow you to hang your holiday ornaments. 

Paint Wooden Mushroom Stems

I like to use a sheet of aluminum foil to protect my work surface for projects like this. Because I wanted to create some variety for my mushrooms, I decided to paint the stems two different colors.  I used a light tan and a creamy off white which I custom made by mixing a white with a few drops of brown .  

Painting wooden mushrooms

First, I divided the wooden mushrooms into two groups. I painted the mushrooms stems in one group a creamy off white color and in the other group a tan color.   While I was at it, I also painted the underside of the mushroom caps.  

Each mushroom stem was given two coats of paint.  I let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Apply Glitter to Mushroom Caps

Using a craft paint brush, apply Mod Podge to the top of each mushroom. Be sure to coat the mushroom cap thoroughly with the glue. You don’t want to miss any spots.  Then cover the mushroom top with glitter.  For this project, I used three colors of glitter: copper, champagne and rose gold.  Each color of glitter was put into a small bowl where I then placed the top of the mushroom. Of course, you only need one color of glitter – you don’t need to buy three different colors of glitter.  

Adding glitter to the mushroom ornament

For this project, I found using chunky glitter worked the best.

Let the Mod Podge glue dry completely to ensure your glitter is well attached to the mushroom before moving on to the next step.

Add Moss to Mushroom Stems

Using a small bag of moss and your hot glue gun, attach a small amount of moss to the bottom of the mushroom stem.  Take your time with this step.  If too much moss is attached, you can always use scissors to trim off the excess.  I found that only a small amount of moss was needed at the base of each mushroom ornament/ end of the stem. 

Please note, this step is optional. I just liked the extra flair that the moss added to the mushroom ornaments.

Attach Ribbon to the Mushroom Ornaments

Finally, the last step is to attach a thin ribbon, twine, or jute cord through the screw eye so you hang your ornaments.   I used strips of silk ribbon to hang these cute mushroom ornaments. 

Enjoy your Painted Wooden Mushroom Ornaments

Congratulations!  You have finished making your DIY mushroom ornaments for the holiday season.  I hope you enjoy these Christmas mushrooms and that they bring you luck in the coming year.  

Below are some photos of the finished DIY mushroom ornaments.  I love the cute mushroom shape with the glitter tops. 

DIY Wooden 
Mushroom Ornaments 5

In addition to using these as Christmas tree ornaments, you can also use them for the following: 

  • place settings at a table, 
  • as a present topper,
  • to adorn stockings
  • or give a set of these to someone as a gift.  
DIY Wooden Mushroom Ornaments

If you don’t want to use wooden mushrooms, you can also make DIY fabric mushrooms. Julie at My Wee Abode has a great tutorial you can follow. 

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  1. These wooden mushrooms are so cute and make perfect Christmas ornaments! I love how you painted them and added glitter to the tops! Can’t wait to see your tree this year. I’m doing a nature-inspired tree too!

  2. These mushroom ornaments are so stinking cute, Anna. I feel like I need them on my tree too. I love, love, love the way they came together and the colors you chose are perfection. Can’t wait to see more, sweet friend. Just pinned and will share on Friday’s post. Hugs, CoCo

  3. I thought what a unique Christmas ornament until
    you wrote that in Germany mushroom ornaments are hung for good luck and longevity. More reason to love these charming decorations. I like the suggestions for different ways to use them.

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