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Do you want to decorate your fall entryway table? This post walks you through the process I used and provides links to specific items.

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I am not sure how we arrived at the beginning of September when only 2 weeks ago it was late June. If you have any insights as to why time seems to fly by during the summer, I would love to hear them. The arrival of September can only mean one thing – the arrival of fall.

So this past weekend, I realized that it was time to bring out the fall decor. Now, let me stop for just a second. I don’t have bins and boxes of fall items. Nope. I have a few key things that I bring out and use every year.

Plus my general philosophy is that decorating should be fun, easy and fast. I definitely don’t have time to unpack and pack up lots of decor.

Heck, I am lucky if I can fit in a second cup of coffee before noon. If you are also short on time and don’t want to store a lot of decor, then this post it for you!

The Setting

Front Hallway

The table in our front hallway is from City Farmhouse in Franklin, Tennessee. Admittedly, it’s a large table for an entryway but we fell in love with it and so the rest is history.

If you ever get a chance to go to Franklin Tennessee, I highly recommend you stop at Kim and David’s shop, City Farmhouse. It is full of one of a kind pieces that are stunning. The trunk under the table is also from City Farmhouse.

Regardless of how big or small the table is in your entryway, you can easily decorate it for fall. I will go through step-by-step and discuss the items on this table. In general, I associate early fall with the golden hues and dried grasses seen in September and the table reflects these colors. It’s still too early for the bright oranges and yellows we see in October.

Dried Grasses

Pampass Grass

I love using Pampass grass during the fall. The fluffy fronds are so inviting and these dried grasses hold up well. In fact, the Pampass grass shown in this photo was actually purchased last year. At the end of the season, I carefully wrap it up in paper and stow it away.

These Pampass grass fronds can be up to 4 feet in length and make such a great statement with their size. There is a definitely a sense of “Go Big or Go Home” with these grass fronds.

There is a post where I shared my favorite dried florals and the Pampass grass was included. Here are some links below for the grass.

Pottery Lamp

DIY Pottery Lamp 2

The lamp on the left side of the table also evokes the feeling of fall with the warm linen shade. In general, I think pottery with its texture and warm hues is symbolic of fall and plays nicely with all the fall colors.

There is an entire post on how to DIY your own pottery lamp, which is what I did with this lamp. The lamp on the table was found at a thrift store and I paid $5 for it.

Bonus, this lamp can be used year-round and seems to transition well regardless of the season.

Here are some links to some similar lamps if you aren’t up for DIYing your own.

Paper Leaf Wreath

Paper Leaf Wreath

The paper leaf wreath also plays well with the gold colored tones and warm yellows. This wreath was made out of an old book that was falling apart. There is an entire post of how to make this antique paper leaf wreath.

It took me about an hour from start to finish to make this wreath. I actually made this paper wreath last winter but I thought the gold leaves blended well with the fall items, so I brought it out again.

Antique Paper Leaf Wreath

Below, I have linked some similar paper leaf wreaths you can buy.

Planter Heads

Planter Heads

Eventually, I will switch out the plants in these planter heads to feathers or even dried grasses. For now, the green plants will stay in them. The other two little busts were found when I was out thrifting and they seemed to compliment the planter heads.

There is a post on what plants you can buy for your head shaped planter. I love these planters because you can use them for more than plants. I have seen one of them used to hold wooden spoons in the kitchen! I have also seen them being used to hold jewelry.

I use these planter heads year round too and simply switch out what is displayed in them to reflect the season.

Here are some links to head shaped planters.

Antique Mirror

Antique Mirror

The mirror was a local find at an outdoor antique market. It’s from the late 1800s and while the mirrored glaze shows it’s age, I still think it looks lovely. If you are looking for a similar mirror, I suggest you check out your local antique stores.

Buying antique mirrors online can be tricky and shipping can be costly. So be sure to read all the descriptions carefully. Here are some vintage and antique mirrors linked below.


Fall Candle

The last element of this table is a large candle from Antique Candle Company. This company has their fall line of candles available. They are the only brand, I am aware of, that creates a candle where all the wax is burned and you are left with a clean jar. Also, their candles smell amazing.

They are having a candle bundle sale. These candles also make great gifts.


Thank you for stopping by the blog today. I hope the fall entryway table is inspiring! Have you started embracing the new season? Or are you holding on to summer? Let me know your thoughts.

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Fall Entryway Table 5

Fall Entryway Table 4

Fall Entryway Table 3

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  1. Yay!!! I LOVE this. Oh how I wish there was a room for a table in me entry…someday 🙂 Your’s is stunning. That mirror is beautiful and I love how it’s almost like an anchor that ties everything together. I love your minimal style Anna and you don’t need to use many items to get a fall look!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Rachel! Can you believe fall is here? I bet you could find a mirror like this when you are out thrifting and antiquing …

  2. So much to love in this fall entryway blog … the beautiful items shown and the many helpful suggestions and links.

  3. LOVE this post so much, Anna! Everything you have on your entry table feels so warm and inviting. The way you layered all the different textures from the chippy table to the pampas grass is totally fabulous. Loving, pinning and sharing on Friday, CoCo

    1. Thank you so much CoCo for the kind words. THANK YOU also for sharing this post with your readers. Happy Fall my friend.

  4. I love your style, Anna! You’ve incorporated so many things I love in one place! Pampas grass, paper leaves, planter heads, and a gorgeous mirror! It’s perfection!

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