My favorite places in Southern Maine


I recently had the pleasure of making a trip to Maine.  Finally!  With the pandemic and moving and building a new home, there simply hasn’t been time to drive there for a weekend.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite places to visit when I go to southern Maine.

1. All the antique stores between York and Kennebunk.  I never have time to visit all of them but there are definitely some gems along Route 1.  One of my favorite stops is Hutchins Antiques in Ogunquit.

2. There are a plenty of good restaurants in southern Maine.  Most people who are visiting Maine are looking for “lobstah” or seafood.  However, after living in Maine for 7 years, I usually prefer some different fare.  That is to say, I usually eat something other than sea food.

Since I am working for Sky Lark House and trying to acquire inventory, I usually only have a limited amount of time for breakfast.  So, I tend to focus on places where I can get breakfast and a good cup of coffee “to go”. I love to go to Boulangerie in Kennebunk.  All of their pastries are made from scratch and the coffee is fantastic.  Warning, there is almost a line out the door at this bakery if you arrive after 9 am. HB provisions is another excellent place for a quick breakfast.  You can order a breakfast sandwich and they always have a variety of hot coffees available.

For lunch and dinner there are a variety of options.Wild Willys Burgers have some of the best hamburgers I have ever eaten. Mekhong Thai also has consistently provided delicious Thai food so that I try to eat there every time I visit Kennebunk.   Bandaloop which is located in Arundel is another excellent restaurant which specializes in using fresh, locally grown and organic produce.  I recommend making reservations if you plan to have dinner at the restaurant.

3. Of course, I always go to a beach when I am visiting. My favorite beach is Gooch’s in Kennebunk. This is a perfect beach to walk along while you sip your morning coffee.  Here is a site that lists the beaches in Kennebunk and talks about access, parking, allowing dogs etc.   Parson’s beach is another favorite as is Goose Rocks beach which is located in Kennebunk Port.

Speaking of beaches, here are some photos of Gooch’s beach and the adjacent buildings when I visited there early Sunday morning.  Thank you for stopping by the blog today!






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