Reflections on a Clean Slate


It’s always nice to start the New Year with a “clean slate”.  We are still unpacking boxes and have a house the currently looks nothing like a clean slate.  I am trying to figure out how it’s possible that we moved from a smaller home to a slightly larger home but our “stuff” won’t fit.  At least, not yet.

So, here are some photos from early last year – of when we had a clean orderly house.  Something to aspire to in light of current circumstances.



These images will be my motivation for finding a spot for all the stuff in boxes.  It will also be my inspiration for sorting, donating and tossing out stuff.

I am not even a “stuff” person.  How did we get so much stuff?



Chin up.  Coffee brewing.  Head down. Hands to work.

See you all later.  Good luck with your decluttering, organizing and general pursuit of a “clean slate”.

Oh and Happy New Year.

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