Happy Thanksgiving


Let’s be real.  2020 has not been for the faint at heart.  Many of us won’t be sad to see it go.  Many of us are eager to embrace 2021.

However, 2020 has been full of silver linings. This year has reminded me, time and time again, what is truly important in life.  It has brought into sharp focus those people and activities I hold near and dear to my heart.

2020 has made me especially thankful for all of you.  You certainly don’t have to spend time reading this blog. You don’t have to buy Sky Lark House products.  You don’t have to follow me on social media.  Yet you do.  All of you continue to show up here in this little land of Sky Lark House.  You continue to support this little business and because of you – we have endured 2020 and all the hurdles this year has brought our way.

So, on this Thursday, November 26th, when we have all gathered around with those in our homes and are reflecting on our blessings – please know that I will be thankful for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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