Reflections on Up and Coming Changes


There are some exciting and positive changes coming up here at Sky Lark House.  We are moving! We aren’t moving very far but we are still moving.  Mr. Sky Lark House and I have decided to build a home about 30 minutes north of our current home.

There’s a catch.  We will be living in an apartment while our new home is being constructed.  Oy!  Not. A lot. Of. Space.  We anticipate that we will be renting the apartment for 6 months. but with COVID-19 it could be longer. There are already supply chain issues with manufacturers.  Everything in our world is globally connected and interdependent.  So we can’t be sure that all the components needed to build a new home will arrive on schedule.

So this may impact you, dear reader, because I will have a very difficult time photographing items and inventory in an apartment.  No shiplap walls.  Not great lighting.  Pretty much everything I do here on social media- Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest etc – begins with a photograph.  If I don’t have good photos then I don’t have a story to tell. We live in a world where photos are everything.  They are so important that they aren’t even noticed because it is a fundamental part of our expectations.



Needless to say, this time of transition will inspire some creativity.  I will certainly continue to photograph things and set up vignettes as best I can, however, it will not be without challenges.  I will likely use old photos and refer to other people’s work.



The new house, will have more space! I’m excited to report it will have an actual dedicated office.  For someone who spends the vast majority of her time on Sundays on her laptop editing photos and writing blog posts – a REAL office is so enticing.



I am also excited because the new house will have a backyard with SOUTHERN sun exposure.  Bless my heart.  That is a gardener’s dream come true.

So while the next 6 plus months may not provide exciting content in the land of social media the following years should more than make up for any shortfall.

Of course, as always, I will take you with me on the latest adventure.  So, stay tuned.


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