Sky Lark House Booth Updates January 2021

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With the holidays behind us, it was time to “put Christmas back in the box”. This in turn means, that it was time to take down the holiday decor in my booth located at Stone Soup Antiques and time to give it a bit of a refresh for the new year.

It was actually fun to bring in new merchandise since I always get excited to share my new finds with you.  When shopping, I always keep you in mind and try to find items that I know you will like.  Also, the antique booth refresh allowed me to finally bring in the tin top table that I found this past fall.  Remember this table?



It now has wheels on it, which makes it much easier to use. There is blog post about putting on the wheels, which can be found here.

In addition to the table, I brought in a few more pieces of ironstone, butter pats, an oil painting of a lovely horse, and some cafe au lait bowls from France.



Rather than going through everything in detail, I made a video for you.  It’s just so much easier than trying discuss individual items.  It’s only 2 minutes long – so enjoy!


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