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While most of the time I am on the hunt for pieces of furniture that I can take to shows and which I think people will want to purchase, every so often I find an antique piece that is so good for display purposes that I can’t pass it up.  Such is the case with this most recent find.

This is an antique baby crib made out of cast-iron.  It is well over one hundred years old.  Obviously, for safety reasons, it can’t be used as a baby crib today, but once it is refurbished, it will make a great display piece for pillows and linens.  Furthermore, this piece can be broken down into 5 flat pieces which makes it so easy to transport for shows.

It’s difficult to find an antique crib with all of the pieces.  Usually the frame with the mattress springs on the bottom of the crib is missing, or one of the side pieces is missing.   Fortunately, everything was intact and in good working order.  It just needs to be cleaned, sanded and repainted.





Here are some more photos to give you a better idea.



The great thing about this piece is that the long sides can be completely removed so that it can be used like a mini bed, which is perfect for display when you have limited space in your booth!  I love the patina and green color of the mattress springs and frame.  So, that will remain as is, although it did get a good cleaning.



Originally, this little crib had wheels on the bottom of each leg. As you can see above – I removed the wheels.  They were in rough condition, and I decided the crib would be more stable if I removed them.  Here is one last photo of the frame.  You can see that it really needs to be repainted.



Check back later in the week, and I will post some in-progress photos of this little crib. Thank you for stopping by the blog today!  It always means a lot to me that you take the time to read what’s going on over here at Sky Lark House.

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