Vintage Finds January 2022


Are you curious about new items heading to Stone Soup Antiques? If so, here is quick summary of recent vintage finds heading to the booth. These are not the big pieces of furniture – rather – these are the recently acquired “smalls”.

Vintage Finds January 2022

Vintage finds - a small cupboard, white basket, lamp, mason jar and enamelware pitcher


If you read my last post on collecting antique baskets – you will notice that I found a few more baskets to add to the collection. First, is this lovely wicker basket with a chippy white paint. Given that there is about 6 inches of snow on the ground outside, I felt it needed to be filled with flowers.

two wicker baskets and white wooden utensil tray on a table

You can see in the photo above that I also found another wicker basket – which is not painted. It is beautifully made and very sturdy. Both vintage baskets are in great condition.

Corner Cupboard

I have been searching for a small glass front cupboard which can be used to display some smaller items – for quite awhile. While small cupboards, like medicine cabinets are fairly common – finding a small cute display cupboard with a glass door is a bit more difficult.

Vintage finds -scalloped edge cupboard with basket and utensil tray

You can see a more complete photo of the cupboard in the first image in the blog. The reason I was drawn to this cupboard, other than the glass front, is that it has the cutest scalloped edging. I also love the faded and worn white surface. This cupboard will be great for displaying Old English Advertising containers, or even these small sheep shown above.


Since Sky Lark House embraces the farmhouse aesthetic, I am always on the look out for vintage farm animals. This includes toy celluloid animals made during the depression era (1930-1940s) and it includes sheep, many of which were formerly used in nativity scenes.

three white vintage composite sheep

These three little composite sheep, I believe were made in Italy. They are in remarkably good condition, given their age. Usually, the legs break on these little guys or they lose an ear or a tail. The fact that all three of these little sheep are in great condition was very appealing.

Butter pats

Well, the vintage gods must have been shining down upon me because I stumbled across a set of 7 square butter pats!

Vintage finds - seven butter pats in a basket

These butter pats were made by John Maddock and Sons around 1906. I was able to determine the production date after doing some research on the butter pats’ back stamp. Gosh – these old all white butter pats are getting difficult to find!

Butter pats in a white utensil carrier with two composite sheep

I couldn’t resist putting the little sheep in the butter pats. Aren’t they cute?

Other Items

I also found a few other vintage finds that will be heading over to the booth. First, a European enamelware “Warm Water” pitcher. I believe it may originally be from England, Scotland or Ireland.

European Enamelware Pitcher

I have never seen a pitcher like this. It is not as tall as typical enamelware pitchers and it has a top secured to it that pivots on a hinge to open and allow water to pour out. Perhaps it was used in a hospital?

You will also see the large Atlas Mason jar in the background. This jar is more unusual because it says ” Atlas EZ Seal” (as opposed to “Ball”) and because it is a large size jar. There is a very comprehensive post about identifying and collecting old Mason jars HERE. The wire bail top and markings of this jar indicate that it was made between 1915-1920. The glass still has air bubbles trapped inside from when the jar was made. The jar also has that wavy “old glass” appearance that I love. Old Mason jars make the best vases. I love filling them with wild daisies during the summer time.

Vintage finds - white Wooden Utensil Tray

This vintage white wooden utensil carrier was so darn cute that I had to take it home. Again, these are old pieces that never lose their utility and appeal. I still use these little trays to carry utensils outside to our patio. I also use them to hold art supplies and they are fantastic for holding packets of seeds. (For those of you who are artists and gardeners)

small cupboard, white baskets, lamp, mason jar and enamelware pitcher

One last item, is the vintage French mustard jar situated on top of the corner cupboard. The putty colored jar is fabulous and I love the advertising print on the front. It would look great in a collection with other French and English advertising jars. Of course, it would also make a great vase or could be used to hold the pens/pencils on your desk. I have a collection of antique advertising jars – and I use them to hold all my paint brushes.

The lamp will also be heading to the booth soon. It’s a simple candlestick lamp with a slightly chippy base.


There you have it! A quick summary of new inventory found this past January – and heading to the booth. Thank you for stopping by the blog today. If you are planning to go hunting for vintage treasures this coming weekend – I wish you happy hunting! If you find any white ironstone butter pats – scoop them up!

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