Collecting English Advertising Jars


Without a doubt, you have seen them.  They are popping up on Instagram feeds, they are in magazines and they have become a part of decor.  English advertising containers.  These stoneware containers with black and white labels are typically associated with the Dundee Marmalade jars that have become so collectible.  However, it also includes J Sainsbury jars, toothpaste containers, clotted cream jars, anchovy paste containers and bloater paste jars.

These beautiful old containers from England, were used to store food and products in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  They are the antique version of the tin can and plastic container that we use today.

More importantly, their graphics are amazing!  Collectors find all sorts of new purposes for these containers.



I use my old Dundee Marmalade jars to store silverware.  Some people use them to store pens and pencils.  Some use them as a vase for flowers.  Some people use them to store artists’ paint brushes.



Then there are the squat round containers that held cherry flavored toothpaste and anchovy paste. As an aside, I would love to try cherry flavored toothpaste.  Look at the little flowers on the lid of the toothpaste container!




All of these containers are very collectible because their black and white designs are timeless and the stoneware containers still have practical uses.  Miss Mustard Seed has a blog post about collecting these containers which also provides practical information and advice.

I will be posting some of these English Advertising containers for sale in the near future.  So definitely check out my Instagram posts and stories to find out when they will be listed.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today and reading all about what is happening in this corner of the internet.


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