5 Vintage Items for Summer Decor

In this article I am sharing 5 vintages items for summer decor. These items are affordable and fairly easy to find.

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Summer always seems a little magical to me. Perhaps it’s the sound of a screen door on the back porch banging shut. May be it’s the fact that we can make s’mores outside, after dark, over a fire pit. It might also be the lightning bugs AKA fire flies or even the proliferation of flowers putting on a grand display. It could be all of these things and more that make summer magical.

Even if I spend the majority of my time outside during the summer, I still change out a few things in the interior of my home to reflect the season. One of my favorite ways to decorate my home is to bring out some vintage items that are reflective of the season. Here are five of my favorite vintage items for summer decor. Most of these items are affordable and easy to find.

5 Vintage Items for Summer Decor

One of the most frequent questions I get from readers is: “Where do you find your vintage items?”. The answer is – everywhere. Having said that, I have the best luck at antique stores, flea markets, and outdoor vintage markets. I also stop at yard sales and look at items for sale on Facebook Market place.


Of all the vintage items for summer decor, nothing says summer like grabbing a basket and heading out to the garden to pick tomatoes. Baskets are also useful for displaying flowers and holding magazines.

Vintage Items for Summer Decor

Towards the end of the summer season, I cut hydrangeas- dry them- and then display them in a basket.

Vintage Items Summer Decor

These smaller baskets are perfect for heading out to the garden and collecting herbs and veggies. If I need some basil and tomatoes for dinner, then I simply take one of these vintage baskets with me. It’s great to keep the baskets close to the backdoor so they are easily accessible.

Here is a post on collecting antique baskets.

Glass Jars and Bottles

Vintage glass jars or bottles are another vintage item for summer decor. Most of these can be found for $15 and some can be found for even less.

Vintage Glass Jars

Vintage glass jars and bottles can be used as vases for freshly cut flowers, can also be used to hold fresh herbs such as basil or cilantro, and can be used to display flags or dried florals. The blue hue of the glass reminds me of the ocean.

Vintage glass bottles

As shown in the photo above, you can also use vintage glass bottles to display fern fronds.


Vintage enamelware made in the United States is still affordable. European enamelware, especially if it was made in France, tends to be more expensive. It is still easy to find enamelware and it is the perfect vintage item to use in the summer.

Vintage Items Summer Decor

If you eat outside during the summer, enamelware is your best friend. The platters, bowls, serving spoons and more, are lightweight and durable. It’s also easy to clean. Enamelware is also a fun and easy way to add some summer colors and character to your kitchen decor.

Vintage Enamelware

I have the best luck finding enamelware at antique shops. If the enamelware is made in the United States, it’s usually less than $40 for a large bowl or platter. Serving utensils, like a slotted spoon, can be found for $15, or less, a piece.

Vintage Linens

While I generally prefer neutral colors for the interior of my home, during the summer I like to bring out some blues and reds. One of the easiest ways to incorporate a little summer color into your home is by using vintage linens.

Vintage Items Summer Decor

If you have a porch where your furniture is protected from the elements, then summer is the perfect time to bring out pillows made from vintage fabrics. You can even store vintage blankets on the porch for those chilly evenings.

European Grain sack with pillow insert

We repurposed an antique crib into a settee that we use outside during the summer. It’s the perfect way to use a European grain sack and pillows made from vintage linens.

Vintage linens made into pillow shams.

The pillow in the front is made by my talented friend Emily Cleverly who is behind Penny and Ivy. In addition to pillows and blankets here are some other ways you can incorporate vintage linens into your decor:

  • Vintage kitchen towels
  • Quilts at the end of a bed or on the back of a sofa
  • Converting vintage linens into a tote
  • Using vintage linens as table runners or placemats

Vintage Flags

For those of you who are familiar with this blog, know I collect vintage flags. So, of course, using vintage flags is an easy way to decorate for summer.

Vintage Items Summer Decor

Vintage flags can be found at antique stores and online. My favorite flags to find, are those known as “parade flags” – meaning they are smaller and attached to a dowel. These hand held flags were used by people watching parades.

Hand held vintage flags

An added bonus is that these little flags are easy to store at the end of the season. You can roll them up and store them in a closet until you need them again. If you find a small hand held flag with 48 stars, it may cost $25 or more. However, vintage flags with 50 stars are less expensive and easier to find.

Here is a post about collecting vintage and antique flags


Thank you for stopping by the blog today! Using vintage items in your home brings so much character and nostalgia to every day activities. There is a certain charm these items impart as they reflect a simpler period.

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  1. Love the way you’re decorating for the summer season, sweet friend! This list is a good one for summer treasure hunting events too. I love the slower pace of the summer season and how there are so many fun things to do no matter if you want to travel or make smores outside and watch the fireflies. Speaking of which have you seen the firefly migration in the Great Smoky Mountains yet? It’s gorgeous! Big hugs and happy summer, CoCo

    1. Hi CoCo – I have not heard about the firefly migration. I will need to do some research! Thank you for stopping by dear friend.

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