A Simple Fall Wreath

Wheat and Dried Grass Wreath


With Fall just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to make a wreath.  The Season seems to come and go so quickly, that if we blink, it’s over.  Here in New York, Fall only lasts about 10 weeks.

I started searching for a wreath to purchase for our front door and quickly had to recover from the staggering costs of them.  Oh my.  I can’t justify spending a lot of money on wreath that is going to be taken down in 10 weeks.  So, with that in mind, I decided to make my own.  Here is a quick recap on how I did it.

1. Buy materials.  (Which are way less expensive than buying a wreath) Here are the materials I used.

-small wire cutters (already owned)

– gold florist wire, I used 26 Gauge

– a wire wreath form from the dollar store

– bunches of dried wheat and dried grasses

-scissors to trim the dried wheat and grasses (already owned)



Tools Needed


Dried bundles of Wheat and Grasses


Here is another image of the dried materials that I used.


Dried bundles of Wheat and Grasses


2. Once you have your supplies, combine the wheat and grasses into small bundles and wire them together.  Make a bunch of bundles.  For my wreath, I made about 20 or so bundles. After assembling the bundles, I used my scissors to trim the ends so that that they looked like the image below.



3. Start to wire your bundles to the wire wreath form.  I started from the inside and worked my way out to the edge of the wire form. At first, this process is a little clunky, but once you get into a rhythm, it becomes easier and goes faster. Here is an image showing my wreath about half way completed. You can see that all the bundles are facing the same direction.  You can also see how I wired the bundles to the form.


Wreath Half Way Completed


4. When you complete wiring all the bundles onto the wire frame, stop and if need be, make a few more bundles.  I made about 6 more little bundles.  I used these to fill in any holes or blank spaces on the wreath form.

5. Congratulations!  You are done!  Enjoy your new Fall Wreath!


Completed Fall Wreath


Fall Wreath with dried grasses and wheat

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    1. Hi Sunny! I am glad you like it. I made this wreath several years ago. I think the form came from the dollar store!

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