Antique Horse Pull Toy


Now that businesses here in New York have been reopening, I have the opportunity to restock my inventory. Being able to resume a more normal life is something that I am particularly grateful for.

So, it was on a recent outing that I found this antique horse pull toy. He is so lovely!  I believe that he was made in Germany in the early 1900s.  He is covered with real hide and has genuine horse hair for his mane and tail.



Clearly at one time he had a bridle and reins. They were leather, but now only a few pieces remain.  I still think the soft leather pieces look beautiful.

His main body is carved out of wood and he has glass eyes.



He is attached to a lovely red wooden platform with the most intricate little wheels.



The best part of this pull toy is that it is just over two feet tall!  Most pull toys are fairly small in size – usually less than a foot high.  His generous size really adds to his stature.




The lady I purchased him from said that he belonged to her father and his sister.  She said that they used to play with the horse together when they were younger.  I love the idea of this horse being in a nursery with two young children pulling it around.  Can you imagine all this horse has seen?

Eventually I will take him to Stone Soup Antiques, but for now I quite enjoy having him here at home.  This is the hazard of selling antiques, sometimes you fall in love with items that you intend to sell.

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