Meet the Maker: Dunn by Design

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Photo: Dunn by Design


I don’t know about you, but antique grain sacks pretty much make my heart flutter whenever I see it.  I love all the things you make with this timeless and durable fabric. If you are anything like me, you will love the things Susan creates with her business Dunn by Design.

To say that she sews, is really a disservice.  She is more of seamstress/master creator.  Her work is of spectacular quality and she has such a great eye for combining colors and textures in fabric.

She sews tote bags, pillow covers, project bags, mini pouches, eye glass cases and more.

Here are some examples of her work:


Photo: Dunn by Design


Photo: Dunn by Design


Photo: Dunn by Design


Photo: Dunn by Design


Impressive, right?  Not only does she sew, she also will monogram items for you. Yep.

Here is a pillow cover she monogrammed. I’m still picking my jaw up off the ground.


Photo: Dunn by Design


Head on over to her Etsy store to see more of what she has to offer.  She is also on Instagram and you can follow her there by searching @dunnbydesign.  She’s amazingly talented!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today to check out this corner of the world.


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