Collecting Vintage Bates Bedspreads


Most of you know that I lived in Maine for a number of years.  While there, I learned a great deal about antiques and the history of Maine. One of the cornerstones of Maine’s economy for many years was manufacturing, most notably textile mills, paper mills, and shoe factories.  One of the most popular textiles made in Maine was Bates Bedspreads. Here is a link that talks about the history of these bedspreads and how they were manufactured in Lewiston, Maine.

Most of the time, these bedspreads were white.  They are beautiful quality with a nice heavy weight and intricate trim on the edges.

However, in the 1950s and 1960s, Bates started making bedspreads with different colors and whimsical patterns. Some bed spreads have daisies, some have eagles, some have a western cowboy theme, some simply have patterns.



As you can see, the bedspread above is of ships.  I believe this is a twin size bed spread. Perfect for a little boy’s room during summer nights.

Whenever I am out and about, I am always on the lookout for these vintage beauties.  It is fairly difficult to find the colored ones with patterns.  It is even more difficult to find a bed spread with its Bates label still intact. The ship bedspread still has its original Bates label.

I also came across this one.



I love the color, the pattern and the scalloped edges on this bedspread and it is so unbelievably soft from years of washings.



I love the scalloped edging on this one.

These types of Bates bedspreads usually start at $50 and go up from there.  The size, condition and whether or not it has its original labels – all factor into the value.

These two are in excellent condition, and I was so lucky to find them!

So if you are out and about, antiquing or thrifting, keep your eye out for these beautiful bedspreads. They are fun to collect and still so practical to use on these warm summer evenings.

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