Fresh Finds – February 2020


With all that has been going on in the workshop in terms of upholstery (Hello Settee!), I have not had much time for gathering “smalls” for my inventory.  However, I did have a chance to get out a couple of weeks ago.  So, I wanted to show you some of the “finds”.

First off, my favorite find was this basket that I believe at some point was used in a bakery for baguettes and may have originally been an old artillery basket.  It is tall and narrow.  It has the most amazing leather handles that are still well secured to the basket. I took a couple photos of just the basket and its handles.





I also found a matching pair of white stools.  I tell you – it’s a challenge to find a matching pair of anything in the furniture world.  When I came across these two stools, I quickly grabbed them.

Also, you likely know that I sew pillow covers and sell them.  However, I found these 3 pillow covers that are really well made, and they have fabric that is a great heavy weight.  There is also beautiful welting on the sides.  Of course, they have a zipper closure.  My philosophy is as follows – if the pillow cover doesn’t come off for washing then I don’t buy it.

There is also an iron plant stand that I came across.  These are always functional and so small that they can be used just about anywhere.

Finally, in my quest for all things Maine and in my love for that state, I found a set of 6 vintage Moxie bottles.  For those of you who don’t know, Moxie is an old-fashioned soft drink that originated in Maine.  So, I always love finding the old bottles.



Lastly, I came across a mid century teal pottery vase and this great small wooden box that held screws.  Isn’t the script on the box amazing?



Here is one last photo of everything together.



Thank you for stopping by the blog today!  It always means the world to me that you take time out of your day to see what’s going on in the world of Sky Lark House.

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