Easy Heart Garland


This post walks you through the steps for making an easy heart garland that can be incorporated into your Valentine’s Day decor.

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Life is complicated. Right? We have jobs we must go to, bills to pay, medical issues to address, groceries to shop for, snow to shovel, car repairs to make, dogs to take to the veterinarian . . . you get the general idea. So sometimes, it is nice to have a SUPER EASY project to make. Right? I don’t know about you – but sometimes my brain just needs a break from real life.

It is in that spirit that I am sharing today’s post with you. You only need 1 item to make this heart garland – pipe cleaners. I picked up a package of 35 pipe cleaners from the Dollar Store for $1.25.

I found THESE on amazon – if you want to order them online. Just be forewarned, that if you order them online you will have to pay more than $1.25 for a package of them.

Silver pipe cleaners

I know. They don’t look like much in the photo above. Trust me, there is hidden potential.

The fabulous thing about pipe cleaners is the thin metal wire that runs through the middle. It allows you to do all sorts of creative things. It’s like pure magic. So let’s jump into how to make this easy heart garland. This craft should take less than an hour from start to finish – depending upon the length of your garland.

Easy Heart Garland

Step 1 Select your Pipe Cleaners

Gather a bunch of 10 or so pipe cleaners. I used silver but you can use any color you choose. Here are some other options:

The options are almost endless. You could also mix and match the colors.

Step 2 Assemble the Heart

This is easier than you think. Using a single pipe cleaner bend the ends together and twist them so that they stay closed.

Making the heart

This portion of the pipe cleaner that you twisted together will be the bottom of the heart.

Then you are going to bend the top part of the pipe cleaner and find the center. Fold the center inward until you create the shape of a heart. Easy, right? The previously mentioned magic metal wire maintains the heart shape you create.

Step 3 Assemble the Heart Garland

The next part is just as simple. Repeat the steps above but be sure to link the pipe cleaner through the previous heart.

As you create your hearts, you can make minor adjustments to their shape. Keep repeating this process for all 10 of your pipe cleaners.

Hearts linked together

When you are creating your chain of hearts, it should look similar to the photo above. Can you see how they are linked together?

By the way, have you ever tried to take a photograph on your camera using one hand? It is quite challenging.

I decided to make a couple of heart garlands. The first garland had about 10 hearts and the second garland had about 7.

Step 4 Enjoy your Heart Garland

I wanted to hang up my heart garlands. So, I went outside to gather some branches which I placed in a vase and attached the garland to the branches. The branches were free. The vase, I already owned. Total cost for this project: $1.25.

Below are some photos of the final product. Feel free to pin these images to your Pinterest account for future reference.

Easy Heart Garland 1

I love easy projects! They make my life better.

Easy Heart Garland 3

These little garlands instantly brighten up the dining room table.

Easy Heart Garland 4

Not too bad of a project for $1.25!

Here’s wishing you a week that is not complicated and where -perhaps- you will be able to carve out an hour for yourself and peacefully create some hearts. Thank you for stopping by the blog today.

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  1. WOAH! $1.25 is BASICALLY free 🙂 Love this, Anna. So simple and easy but when you put them on a branch in a vintage vase…it looks like a million bucks! So good.

  2. YES to quick, easy, functional, and beautiful! I LOVE this idea and this beautiful garland too. It’s a great pick-me-up project that feels totally doable which we all need right now. Loving and pinning as always sweet friend. You’re knocking it out of the park with these ideas. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Hi CoCo – thank you for the kind words. Sometimes, when eggs are $7 a dozen, we all need an affordable and fun project we can create on the fly! Thank you for stopping by! Hugs to you too.

  3. You are so creative my friend! I love this super simple but beautiful DIY! The garland looks perfect hanging on the bare branches! Pinning now!

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