Fresh Finds- June 2020

I know. I know.  I realize the “farmhouse style” is now over and done with.  It is no longer THE style people want.  It is old news.  It was a “passing trend”.

That is true, unless, you follow Sky Lark House. I still love and will always love the aesthetic of farmhouse.  I love the values it imparts: being frugal, using what you have, valuing material items, taking care of items, mending items, and repurposing items.  For me, this aesthetic and its values took root during the 1930s in rural America.

In our modern culture of a “throw away” or “buy all new” approach to design – I find it refreshing to go back to solidly built pieces of furniture, handmade quilts, and old kitchen mixing bowls to find new inspiration.  To me, these older pieces not only impart character and history but they represent the values of a different time.   It was a time when things were meant to last for many years, if not generations.

So, for this month’s Fresh Finds, the focus is on farmhouse finds.  These are items that have lasted from generation to generation.

First up are some beautiful old mixing bowls.



I am partial to their color and I love their utilitarian nature.  The bowl on the left is a McCoy. If you don’t know about McCoy pottery – here is a link where you can read about its history.

I also love the vintage, exceptionally thin, rolling pin that is made out of one piece of wood.

You all know how I love tins.  This cute little tea tin stole my heart.  The lid still comes off and the tin is intact.  The fact that it is a bit rusty only adds to its charm and authenticates its age.





This photo also shows another McCoy mixing bowl.  I love the blue band at the top.  Also, to  right of the bowl, there are some common kitchen utensils.  Every home had the ubiquitous potato masher.  There was a time when everyone mashed their potatoes by hand.  No doubt, these women had some serious arm muscles. The other two items on the right of the masher are forks for serving carved pieces of meat.  Carving forks.  I love the idea of having a serious dinner, but using these teal handled utensils to serve the “roast beast” seems like such a contrast.



Most of these items will be available at Stone Soup Antiques in Ballston Spa.  If you are interested in a particular bowl or item, simply send me an email by clicking on “contact us” on the homepage.  Thank you for stopping by the blog today!

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