Meet the Maker: Eight Hundred Furniture

There are some people whom you meet and you know right away that you like them. It feels like you have known them for years and that you can simply be yourself.  Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I met Jenn Baker.  Jenn is the entrepreneur and driving force behind Eight Hundred Furniture.  This woman is a source of positive energy and enthusiasm.

Jenn has painted and refurbished hundreds of pieces of furniture.  No task is too daunting for her.  She uses Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint products and General Finishes products when refurbishing furniture.  She also is a retailer for both of these product lines.

Here are some recent examples of her work.

Look at this rope bed converted into a bench. Swoon worthy.


Photo: Jenn Baker

I also love this dresser.  The wooden drawers create such a great contrast with the painted frame.


Photo: Jenn Baker


How about this chippy beauty?  Yes, please.  I will take it.


Photo: Jenn Baker


In addition to her being talented at refinishing furniture, I love that Jenn is a forthright and honest person while still being unfailingly optimistic.  If you read her blog, she openly discusses the obstacles that she faces.  Running a creative business is definitely not easy, but she always manages to find a way to push through the challenges to turn things around for a bigger and better result.  This is what I admire about Jenn.  This is why I love to read her blog.

Jenn’s extroverted personality shines through during her painting classes.  Yep!  She also teaches people how to paint furniture.  She offers 1 on 1 classes and group classes.  If you are in the area of Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, then definitely check out her in-person classes.  Need help applying a wood stain?  Ask Jenn.  Need help figuring out when to seal furniture with a wax or something more durable? Ask Jenn.  Need to know what grit sand paper to use?  Or when you should only lightly sand a piece?  Ask Jenn.  She is natural born teacher.


Photo: Eight Hundred Furniture

Most recently, Jenn has created a series of online courses.  For someone who lives in New York, I found this news really exciting.  It is not easy for me to get to Pennsylvania, but I can easily access her online courses.

When you have time, I encourage you to visit her website which includes her blog, online shop, online courses, and links to upcoming events.  Of course, she is also on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and You Tube.  She is truly someone who will inspire and encourage you.

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