Reflections on “Virtual Tours”


While I would love to be able to tell you about a furniture project I am working on, or give you a good “before and after” – the reality is that life has been unusually crazy this past week.

During the past week, we moved out of our current home into a 2 bedroom apartment. Now let me tell you, this is little like trying to put silly string back into its container.  When you live in a home, you own things like a rake, a snowblower, power tools, ladders, hedge trimmers and large plastic coolers.  These things are often part and parcel with home ownership. However, in apartments there is no room for these items.  There is also limited space for things like a crockpot or a mixer.

This move was further complicated by the fact that we could not see the apartment before we rented it.  Yep.  We could only take a virtual tour because, well, COVID-19.

Let me tell you – there is tremendous value in actually seeing an apartment in person.  You would know right off the bat that there are 17 steps you have to walk up to get to the front door.  This is particularly relevant on moving day when you have to carry furniture and boxes up these 17 stairs. These stairs are in addition to another 17 steps that you use once inside the apartment to get to the bedrooms.  Please note, mattresses and box springs need to be carried up the other 17 stairs, among other items. If you could see the apartment in person, you would also know, that there are no coat closets or linen closets. Actually, there are only two closets.  A clothing closet in each bedroom.  These types of things would be obvious when you see a place in person.  These things are less obvious on a virtual tour.

Still, we are very fortunate, in many other regards. We have housing which keeps us safe, warm and dry. It is still newly constructed and well kept. Also, it is in close proximity to our future home.

So, at this juncture I don’t have any projects to share with you.  Please understand that it is because we have spent the last week relocating our stuff and lives while trying to figure out the puzzle of where and how we are going to fit all this stuff into an apartment.

Instead, I am sharing these pretty photos of English Advertising containers that I got in recently because they are charming.  They are a nice escape from the half unpacked kitchen that won’t accommodate a crockpot or a mixer.



Plus, they offer some inspiration.  They look good for being 120 years old.  Am I right?  Surely, if they can survive all the various events of time, then I can survive moving to an apartment during a pandemic.


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