Reflections on The End of Summer

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August 31, 2021|Reflections

it is hard to believe, but I find that we are in the final throes of summer.  Plants are giving their last hurrah.  Chipmunks are starting to gather acorns for the long winter.  Turkeys are now a common sight in the backyard.  Fireflies have not been seen in several weeks flitting across the evening lawn.  All the signs are there – fall is approaching. 

So we must say good bye to the ice cream stands, flip flops, fresh strawberries, and sun kissed skin.  

What are you most proud of doing during the months of June, July and August? Perhaps you took a vacation to some place remote.  Perhaps you finally finished that house project that has been on your “to do” list. Perhaps you attended your children’s sporting events. Perhaps you had a cookout in your backyard. 

The last 3 months, I tried to make an effort to slow down a bit.  To take the time to enjoy the small gifts summer offers.  Like enjoying the lingering daylight at 8 pm.  Having a cup of coffee outside in the morning.  Being able to walk the dogs without wearing a coat. Watching the fireflies on a summer evening.  Looking for a rainbow after a summer storm passes through. Seeing a grasshopper on the window of the backdoor. Even taking the time to notice the smell of a freshly mowed lawn. 

I find most of us really crave TIME.  Time to slow down and just be in the moment.  Time to not have our brains occupied with the never ending list of things we have “to do”. I find this bossy voice in my head- can drown out the enjoyment of a summer day.  (Go grocery shopping! Wash the car! Sweep out the garage! Fold the laundry!) 

I find taking the time to notice small moments and paying attention to the world unfolding around me is the best antidote to the loud voice in my head.  It’s impossible to hear the voice in your head when you are contemplating the complexity of a grasshopper’s legs as it walks up the glass on your back door. (I still have no idea how a grasshopper can walk up such a smooth surface)

Of course, summer is the time of year when I can work outside on furniture – specifically- when I can sand it down and use paint stripper.  The warm weather and long days allow me to work on these projects outside early in the morning and late into the evening. When January rolls around, I will find it hard to believe that just a few months earlier, I could be outside at 6 am without a coat. 

So, while I did not do anything grand this summer, I do feel that I was able to enjoy it and be part of it.  While the passing of summer is always a little sad, I always remember that there are new things to embrace in a new season.  It’s really an attempt to cheer myself with the passing of my favorite season. Nonetheless, I find it works.

I’m happy to announce that following will be coming soon to a location near you: pumpkin spice everything, wood burning fires, apple picking, cozy sweaters, and brilliant foliage. 

What did you enjoy most about this past summer?  What do you look forward to most in the coming fall?

As a way to celebrate the fall season, Stone Soup Antiques will be having a sale on September 25th.  Everything over $20 in the Sky Lark House booth will be 20% off. 

I will be working that day, so if you stop by the store, please take the time to say hello.  I would love to meet you


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