May in the Northeast

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Winters in the northeast can be exceptionally long.  April is a deceptive month because it lures you into thinking spring has arrived and then, wham, it snows.  So, I am beyond happy that the month of May has arrived.  Although, my joy is still laced with caution since it did snow on May 16 in 2020.  No kidding.  Snow and seedlings just don’t mix well.

To celebrate the month of May, I am sharing these photos that I took last year around this time.  Granted, the peonies were from a florist and not the garden.  We don’t get peonies  in our gardens until June. Still, I think these photos personify the season and express why so many of us are thankful for the month of May. Perhaps you have noticed the sunshine pouring in through the window into the room?




I hope you are embracing the season and all the flowers, birds, warm weather and happiness that it brings.



The pastry table in these photos is from a small town in Pennsylvania just outside of Lancaster.  It is available in the shop at Stone Soup Antiques.  Everything else is part of my personal collection.  The peonies are in an old Delco battery jar which is from the 1920-1930s.  If you ever find old battery jars, they make great vases.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  May spring be with you.


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