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If you can believe it, I started this website in 2018.  Wow! How time flies by.  As the years have gone by, I realized that my current website and its design doesn’t wholly reflect Sky Lark House.  This little business has evolved over the last several years.

The problem I was having, is that I didn’t exactly know how to have the changes and growth of my business reflected in a new website.   I am not the most technically savvy person.  So, I don’t know all the html and coding language behind a professional looking website.  I also am not sure how to link a website to all the social media platforms. This includes Facebook and Instagram.  I knew the existing website didn’t “fit” my business but I had no idea what a new “fit” would look like or how to go about achieving it from a technical perspective. 

The thought of revamping my website and blog after I have put so much work into it was extremely overwhelming.  For the blog alone, there are hundreds of photos that would need to be transferred.   

Although I knew I wanted a new and updated website – I had no idea what fonts or colors I wanted to use.  There were a lot of hurdles that needed to be over come.  I felt as though I just didn’t have the time or energy or knowledge.  

Enter the company Digitally Grounded.   Thank goodness for Ashleigh Lindsay and her company!   I recently partnered with Ashleigh to help me design an entire new website for Sky Lark House. Her company can help with website design, optimization, branding, and digital management.  If you get a chance, check out her website where she provides some case studies and recent work she did for clients.  You can also follow her on Instagram by searching for @digitallygrounded.

Mood Board created by Digitally Grounded
Mood Board by Digitally Grounded

Above is a mood board that Ashleigh created to capture the “feel” and “vibe” of the new website.  I didn’t even know that was wanted until I saw it.  I immediately had a positive response when I saw all the warm colors with hints of blush and pink.  I quickly realized that those colors were all around me in my home office. 

It’s worth noting that with COVID-19 and everything being digital, Ashleigh has never been to my home office or even my home.  Yet, some how she knew these were the right colors to suggest. 

Further, Ashleigh was able to answer all my questions about transferring everything over.  For example, I have an email account connected to my website and I was concerned if this would still function once the website was redesigned.  (The answer was yes). 

We are still a ways out from having the new website up and running.  However, I wanted to share this news with all of you in advance. It will take some time to evolve and to work out all the technical kinks but we are well on our way to giving Sky Lark House a new and improved look!

Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  It always means the world to me that you take the time to check out this little corner of the internet. 

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