Reflections- On Gratitude


Given that Thanksgiving is this week, the whole notion of gratitude has been on my mind.  Of course, I am thankful for the big things in life such as my health, family, and friends.  More recently, I have been paying attention to the smaller things that I am grateful for.  A hot cup of coffee in the morning.  Waterproof boots on a cold rainy day. The feel of the first snow on my face.  The sound of the wind at night as the season transitions to winter.  The smell of a candle burning during a dark blustery evening.

It seems to me, that paying attention to these small moments are important because they help you appreciate your daily life more.  Paying attention to these small moments help me to get through some of the bumpier moments in life.  We are all so busy just living life – getting groceries, paying bills, caring for children, and even doing laundry – that it’s easy to overlook these small moments of grace.

So, with that, I will share that I am tremendously grateful for YOU.  It means so much that you take some time out of your busy day to stop by this corner of the internet.  Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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