Reflections on Thanksgiving


It’s that time of year where, one of my favorite holidays, is virtually a “runner up” in the pursuit of the almighty Christmas.  This year, with the coronavirus and delays in shipping, the Christmas Season has started right after Halloween.  While I realize that from a social media, blogging, sales and generally being “with it” perspective – I should probably be moving on to Christmas decor too, but the truth is I simply am not ready.

I like to enjoy the rust colored leaves on the trees in the month of November.  I also like to enjoy a holiday that focuses on gratitude and spending a day having an outlandish meal with those closest to you. There is a sanctity in Thanksgiving that gets overlooked in favor of the commercialism of Christmas.

We have two more weeks to enjoy the late fall season and with it all the joys Thanksgiving brings.  I hope you are able to savor the time between now and then.  Also, please bear with me as I hold off on transitioning to the Christmas season.

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