Reflections- On Being a Foster Mom for Things

I was talking to a lovely customer the other day who purchased the Lake House Step Back cupboard. She was inquiring about the story behind the cupboard and as I was telling her the history of it, I realized how happy I was that this piece of furniture had found its way into her home.



Then a thought occurred to me, that really, I am a foster Mom for “things”.  Granted, these are vintage and antique “things”.  My job is to find pieces with potential, bring out the potential, and then find a good home for these pieces.

Sometimes, bringing out the potential requires reupholstering furniture.  Sometimes it requires transforming something with a new coat of paint.  Sometimes it just requires taking some good photos.




Regardless, I would not be successful without all of you.  You too can see the potential in these pieces that I find.  You can see the sometimes hidden beauty and functionality.



For that, I am so grateful.

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