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One thing about selling antiques is that I am always on the lookout for new inventory.  It’s a bit of gamble to know what will sell and what won’t sell. Needless to say, I don’t always bet correctly.  However, over the years, I have noticed some tried and true items that people always seem to like.

So, I thought I would share them with you.

Old brushes, especially those made of horse hair.  These always sell well and they are so fun to style.  They look great grouped together in an old ironstone pitcher, or hanging on a peg board or even layered in a tray.  I especially love large old paint brushes such as those pictured below.



Cutting boards are another item that always seem popular.  Especially larger bread boards.  The older, the better.  The bigger the board the better. Good quality vintage cutting boards, like those made in Vermont, that are in the shapes of animals or fruits are also popular.




Architectural salvage is another item that I am always searching for.  Pieces in good condition can be a challenge to find and those with intricate cutouts are definitely a challenge to find. Corbels, brackets, pediments, and columns all seem to be very popular. They bring instant character into your home or garden.  I also use architectural pieces for photographing items.




Antique and vintage linen textiles are another item I am always searching for.  These are typically European and many are from France.  However, on occasion, I will stumble upon some great linens here in the United States.   Homespun hemp and pure linen are usually a heavier weight material and have a tighter weave than their modern counterparts.





Finally, I am always searching for European enamelware.  I am particularly fond of enamelware from England and France.  There is always a bread bin or two in my booth. Flour tins are also fairly common.  They bring a sense of nostalgia and I love the graphic lettering.



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