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From time to time, I share with you some newly released books that I genuinely like and that I think you might like too. The purpose of this post is to share Marian Parson’s newly released book: Feels Like Home.

About the Book

This book is a wealth of information and it shows you how to approach decorating a room and ultimately, a home, in a manner that is easy and not intimidating. It takes a practical “can-do” approach while incorporating a style that reflects you.

Feels Like Home by Marian Parsons

About four years ago, Marian moved into a builder grade home in Minnesota with beige walls and very little personality. Over the years, she has taken the time to make the house reflect her style and “Feel Like Home”. She walks you through the specific steps she used to transform her home and then outlines how you can do the same.

What I love the most about this book is her practical advice with a reasonable price tag. She doesn’t talk about moving walls and remodeling your kitchen. Nor does she promote adding a new wing on to your existing home. She also doesn’t talk about hiring a contractor and spending unending sums of money.

Instead, she focuses on using paint, fabrics, tile, and furniture to transform a space. These are materials that we ALL have access to. Further, these are materials that most of us can afford. (Whereas remodeling a kitchen is likely not in the budget for many of us). Integrating these materials, that reflect your personality, can personalize the style of your house and ultimately makes it feel like home.

One of my favorite tips she talks about in her book is using fabric as wallpaper! Genius! There is a stunning array of fabric available to us and with a little starch it can be readily converted into glorious wallpaper.

Another favorite recurring them in her book is the use of paint. Not only to paint walls, but also for painting murals and furniture.

She also talks about her background growing up as a military BRAT – and how that has influenced her ability to make a home just about anywhere.

If you want to see the personality she has infused into her builder grade Minnesota home, there is tour given HERE.

Other Homes Mentioned

Cozy Fall Mantel by Michael Wurm

Another aspect of this book that is truly enjoyable is that she shares the homes of some of her friends. There are photos of Michael Wurm’s home as well as photos of Cheri Dietzman’s home, in addition to other homeowners. This is note worthy because she is sharing other people’s home’s who have a different sense of style than her but who incorporate the same ideas and principals in creating their own sanctuary.

Where to Order the Book

Of course, Marian’s new book can be ordered from Amazon by clicking the link HERE.

Marian has been an inspiration to me personally for a number of years. She is one of the reasons that I started painting furniture and using milk paint.

Speaking of which, next week I have some dressers to share with you that I recently refurbished. Of course, milk paint is involved. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and for checking out this corner of the internet. I hope you are inspired to get a copy of Feels Like Home.

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