Things this week that made my life better


Last week I didn’t have a chance to post a weekly roundup. Here is one of the reasons why.



We adopted a greyhound!  She has the best personality and is so laid back.  Her name is Forest and we loved her instantly when we met her.

Also, I was looking around the internet this week and decided to check in on my friend Jane’s blog which can be found at Jayne Margaret Photography.  Jane is a photographer and flower farmer.  As an aside, that sounds like the perfect job -photographer and flower farmer!  How great would it be to hand out a business card with that title? She has some really lovely posts with great photos.  Including this one.


Photo Credit – Jane Margaret


Her blog posts that are full of inspiration.

Also, I love this blog post by Karianne  from Thistlewood Farm on answering the question- is Farmhouse Decor Out of Style?  Hint, the answer is “maybe”. It’s definitely worth a read.  She also shares some tips and ideas with you.

Do you follow @ironstonepassionista on Instagram?  I think I could live quite happily in some of those squares on her feed.

And just as a re-cap this week on the blog I talked about May in the northeast and also I shared with you some stores on Etsy where you can find English Advertising jars.  (I used to carry them but sold out last fall)




Thank you for stopping by the blog today!  Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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