Meet The Maker- Harp Strings Jewelry

Something has been on my mind for quite some time.  For those of you who know me and how have read previous posts – you know that I treasure handmade items.  They are so much more significant to me than anything that is manufactured and produced in huge quantities.  If you have been following me for awhile, you also know that I am passionate about promoting and supporting other “creatives”. With those two principles on my mind, I have decided to start a blog post series entitled “Meet the Maker”.  From time to time I plan to introduce to you some of the amazing artisans who make things by hand and offer one of a kind pieces.

Today, I want to introduce you Harp Strings Jewelry owned by Lisa and James Harp. Talk about a perfect business name!  If you click the link, it will take you to their website.  Lisa also is on Instagram and you can follow her at @harpstringsjewelry.

Harp Strings Jewelry finds antique buttons and turns them into the most amazing pieces of jewelry.  These aren’t your ordinary buttons.  These are ornate Victorian buttons that have a story to tell.



These buttons are turned into necklaces, earrings and rings.  To say they are stunning, is an understatement. Each button is intricate and sometimes even contains little gems!  The craftsmanship of the jewelry is superb and these pieces are definitely one of a kind. These pieces of jewelry make perfect gifts for the person who already has everything.



Lisa finds these buttons, rescues them, invests time and energy into cleaning them and then makes them into these amazing pieces of jewelry.  Although you can find Harp Strings Jewelry at some well known Fairs and Markets, the easiest way to see and get their jewelry is online.




This is what I love about people who are “creatives”.  Taking a simple button and having the idea of turning it into beautiful jewelry.  I love that she rescues little buttons that some people wouldn’t think twice about.  Then she invests time, energy and skill and gives it a new life as a piece of jewelry.  Finally, she knows the history of these buttons and creates a story to go with it. So, if you get a chance hop on over to Harp Strings website and check out the stunning jewelry.

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  1. My friend has a booth a little shop and I just bought one of the Harp Strings necklaces from her. I collect buttons and the necklace I bought has a special cut glass fleur de lis shape which makes it extra special for a Louisiana girl!

    1. Hi Geri – I agree, a special cut glass fleur de lis is extra special! I love all of Harp Strings necklaces!

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