Meet the Maker- City Farmhouse

Kim and David Leggett are the couple behind City Farmhouse.  In addition to being two well known and respected antique dealers, Kim and David have a very busy interior design business. They have provided interior design work for some celebrities as well as some of the best known restaurants in Tennessee.

Kim is also an author. Her last book City Farmhouse Style is a best seller and continues to inspire many people to rethink their approach to interior design.  The goal of this book was to show readers how to  bring simple, beautiful and functional country style into urban dwellings.  What I love the most about Kim’s design is that it brings a sense of soul to a place. There is also always something unexpected in her design that leaves you inspired.

Another element of her designs that I love is the simplicity and humble nature of the various objects she incorporates into the rooms.  My own philosophy is that not everything has to be expensive to be beautiful.  Sometimes the most humble, ordinary, everyday objects impart the most grace.  Kim seems to embrace this in her design philosophy. By way of example, look at the chairs around the table shown on the cover of her book.  They are beautiful and functional and convey a message that says, “All are welcome here.”



Lucky for us, Kim has written another book, and it is coming out this October!  You can pre-order the book here.  Needless to say, I already pre-ordered my copy. In her new book, Kim focuses on the stories the objects in our homes tell, their history and how they are now integrated into our lives.  I love this idea.  Again, it is emphasizing that sense of soul that her designs bring to a room.



To celebrate the release of her new book, Kim and David will be hosting a City Farmhouse  Home Stories book launch event in Franklin, Tennessee this October 15 -17.  It will be a phenomenal event with some of the best vendors and artists selling their goods. Believe me, if anyone knows the best antique dealers and the best artisans – it is Kim and David.

So, if you have the ability to travel and have the time available, go to this event!  It’s guaranteed to be phenomenal.

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