Meet the Maker: Joanne Palmisano

Since we are all at home, I thought it would be helpful to share with you some one who is truly a DIY expert. Joanne Palmisano is the queen of  projects you can easily create for your home.  She has also written several books and her most recent one is entitled: Rock Your Rental.  This is the perfect book for people who have the itch to improve their immediate surroundings but who may not own their home.  It’s also perfect for people who already own a home but who want to find ways to inject some creativity and design into their rooms.

Joanne Palmisano recently created series of fun crafts and activities on her Instagram tv channel.  Many of these are also suitable for children.In each video, she presents multiple DIY projects that are easy to implement and which use materials that you likely already have in your home.  (No trips to the craft store or ordering online for materials)

If you look her up on Instagram you can search for @joannepalmisano.  Here is a link to her Instagram Television (IGTV) shows. I can’t emphasize how these videos are perfect given everything that is going on right now.  Many of us are at home with lots of time on our hands and we aren’t sure what to do with ourselves or our children.  These activities can keep everyone occupied for a few hours and generate a beautiful end result.

Among other things, Joanne IGTV shows instruct you on how to make a rope vase, your own cards, a planter for succulents, a Swiss Cross to hang on your wall and some magnets.

Here is a photo of a rope vase that she made:


Photo by Joanne Palmisano

Here is a photo of some of the cards she made. All that is required to make these cards is a sharpie and some paper.


Photo by Joanne Palmisano

She also has a blog with even more DIY information and inspiration.  One of my favorite ideas on her website is entitled “Grandma’s Wall Art Turned into Pillows”. This is a perfect idea for spring and summer.  A great way to add cheer to a sunporch.



Photo by Joanne Palmisano


So when you get a chance, hop on over to her website or check out her Instagram account.  I think you will find some inspiration and possibly find an activity to pass the time away while making some thing beautiful.

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