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Photo credit: Marian Parsons


OK, technically, this “Meet the Maker” post isn’t about one person.  It’s about two specific people, Marian Parsons and Shaunna West and their ongoing quest to discover, uphold and share creativity.

Both of these women are artists.  Both express their creativity in a variety of ways including painting, refinishing furniture, creating graphic designs, and generally in how they choose to live their lives.

My personal observation is that our culture and society is at a point where it desperately needs creativity. For so long our culture has impressed the importance of science, technology, engineering and math – that somewhere along the way the  recognition that creativity is important was lost or at least minimized.

I notice today, some people feel as if they don’t know “how” to be creative.  Some people are not aware of the many ways creativity can enrich their lives.

Marian and Shaunna are here to share their thoughts, experiences and ideas on this journey of creativity through their podcast The Creative Exponent.  What I love most about these podcasts is that they make the topic of creativity so approachable and talk about it in a manner that applies to virtually anyone. You don’t have to be a master painter or high brow artist to understand these discussions.

The discussions also focus on the soul enriching qualities that being creative brings to our lives.  How the creative process brings us closer to our communities, makes us better communicators, and helps us understand ourselves better. And when we understand ourselves better, we can interact with others in a manner that enhances relationships.

Another great aspect of these discussions is how they intertwine business-sense into creative endeavors.  How to apply common sense practices to your creative work to make it profitable or at least a hobby that can generate some income.

All too often, our culture has viewed creative careers as those that don’t earn a steady and reliable income. Hence, the emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math. Marian and Shaunna talk openly about their creative businesses.  They share advice, stories and experiences. They impart knowledge which helps the listener understand that pursuing a creative occupation can indeed be profitable and soul enriching.


Photo credit: Marian Parsons


The Creative Exponent also offers community and mentoring  for creative entrepreneurs.  Access to a creative community is priceless.  Whether it is another creative who sews, paints, draws, knits, refurbishes furniture, decorates homes, or makes pottery – we all encounter many of the same struggles.  How do I make a creative endeavor profitable?  How do I effectively use social media? How do I explain to my family that I want to pursue a creative career? What should I do when I am burned out? How do I continually create original work?

So if you want to enrich your life for just an hour, or if you want to take a peek into the world of creative entrepreneurs, I definitely encourage you to have a listen to Marian’s and Shaunna’s podcast and to explore their website.

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