Stone Soup Antiques- Fall Update


First, I have to start out this post by thanking all of you who have been visiting Stone Soup Antiques during the summer.  Although we are in the middle of a pandemic and although shopping in a store while wearing a mask isn’t easy, you all have enabled us to succeed.  You all still came and purchased antiques from us. Wow!  We are so lucky to have you.  This past summer, I have never sold so many pieces of furniture so quickly.  In some cases, the furniture sold before it even made it to Stone Soup. You guys are amazing.

As we enter the end of August, I realize that we must get read for the transition to fall. I love fall and always welcome the changes of seasons here in upstate New York.  However, truth be told, my favorite season is summer. So, the approach of fall also reminds me of the dwindling summer days.  It’s a little bitter-sweet.

With the reality of the calendar staring me down, I decided to update my booth and ready it for a transition to fall.  I brought in some new inventory and tried to focus on more of the things that feel like autumn.

Some of these items you may have seen on Instagram in recent weeks.  This fiberglass planter, which is on the table in the photo above, is a great statement piece.  It has been repaired but I still think it has great character and it looks great with grasses and or flowers. It would also look fantastic filled with pumpkins.

There is also a variety of brown transferware china.  There are some platters, salad plates, dinner plates, soup bowls, pitchers etc.  All with a variety of patterns.



As time passes, I will continue to bring in more inventory that reflects the change in season. For example, I have a collection of yellow ware bowls, pitchers etc that always are great for fall.  There are also more vintage brown bottles, which look great when grouped together.

You can see that I did bring in the antique German horse pull toy.  He sits proudly on the bakers table. There is also an antique J.S. Ivins biscuit box – which always looks great when filled with mums.



Anyway, if you have time, you may like to make your way to “The Soup” as we say. Wishing you all a fabulous week and hope you are enjoying the remaining summer days.

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