Fall Inventory Update



Now that fall is around the corner, I have started restocking my booth with inventory that matches the    season.  First I found this mama and baby turkey steel cutouts.  They are perfect on a mantel or bookshelf.  These silhouettes are from the 1950s and were initially used for target practice.  Now they are too cute to try to shoot.

I also added these handmade and hand glazed yellow bowls to my booth.  They are nesting, but I priced them invidividually.  Fall is a great time to add subtle pops of color to your home.

Yellow ware is one of my favorite things to use during the fall.  This butter crock with its original lid intact fits the bill perfectly.




Stoneware crocks are another fall staple.  You can use them to hold mums or to stock full of berries and greenery.



Finally, it is hard to go wrong with brown transfer ware.  I love having a variety of pieces with different patterns.  Thanks for stopping by the blog today!  I hope you all enjoy a long weekend.


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