The Story of the Entryway Table


Normally, I write about furniture that I buy and furbish and then sell.  I also write about vintage and antiques items that I find and then sell. Sometimes I write about collecting certain vintage/antique items and their history. Very seldom do I write about something I find to keep. After all, that’s not a very profitable business model. (Although it is a much more fun business model)

Anyway, in February of this year, Mr. SLH and I took a road trip to Tennessee.  We drove through a nasty snowstorm and got stuck on the Pennsylvania turnpike for 3 hours.  It took us a A LOT longer than the 16 hours we had planned, to get to Tennessee. This is the gamble you take when you decide to take a road trip, in February, when you live in the northeast. #lifelessons.

It turned out, that once we got down to southern Virginia, we had a great time.  For starters, it was February and we could see green grass.  Wow. Another contributing factor was the 50 to 60 degree temperatures we experienced once in the south.  Back home, it was in the 20s.

As we drove to Tennessee, we stopped at various places and did some “picking”.  This is the term for hunting and finding antiques and/or vintage items. It’s a fabulous past time that involves going into some ramshackle shops and sorting through a bunch of inventory to find things that have potential.

Once we arrived in Tennessee, the SUV was already pretty full of “finds”.  #lifeofanantiquedealer

While we were in Tennessee, we took the time to stop by City Farmhouse to visit Kim and David.   (Because why would you NOT visit that stunning store?) While we were in the store, Mr. SLH fell in love with a table.  It was an old workshop table and it had the best chippy paint patina.  The only problem, it was HUGE.  There definitely was no room the SUV.  There was no way the legs could be safely removed from the table.

Still, he had to have the table.  I had to admit, it was beautiful and I was smitten with it too.

So, we bought the table.  AND left it there.  Yes.  We did. This is a testament to Kim and David’s grace and generosity.  Normally, when a business owner sells a piece of furniture, it is their preference for the buyer to TAKE THE FURNITURE WITH THEM when they leave.  This is so you, as a business owner, can put out a new piece of furniture that you can then sell. It’s not much help if you have a giant piece of furniture in your store that you can’t sell. Right. Enough said.

We were planning to come back down in a May to pick up the table. However, as luck would have it, Kim was able to find a shipping company who would deliver the table to our home in New York for a very reasonable price.  Great! Let’s do it!

All of this is to say, that after remaining in City Farmhouse for the past two months, the table is now situated in our entry way.  I couldn’t be happier.  Mr. SLH is beyond happy. (Let’s be honest, he doesn’t pick out furniture very often. So this was a big deal.)

Here are some photos.  A good story always needs some photos.



I love the rusty pulls on the drawers.



If you look closely, you can see a book with a well known title.  Hint – it has to do with stories and homes.




We use the metal balance from an old scale to stash our keys and spare change.

I really wanted to put a big vase with some flowering branches on the table.  Then I remembered, oh yeah, this is New York, we don’t have flowering branches yet.  Patience.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today and for taking the time to read the story of our entryway table.  I hope you find a great piece of furniture and that it comes with a story you can share with others.

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