Fresh Finds-January 2020

Truth be told, the past few weeks, I have not had much time for “finding” inventory.  With the holidays and the new booth my time has been largely filled up with other activities.  However, there were a few hours -here and there- where I was able to sneak away and find some inventory.  Finding inventory is  a great way to recharge my batteries and to get my creativity jump started again.

So to start off, I have three favorite finds during the past 6 weeks or so.  First, this sweet little vintage medicine corner cupboard.  Although the face is painted, the rest of the cupboard has the most beautiful, natural, raw wood finish.  I also love the mirror which has the perfect amount of “aging” and is complete with beveled edges.



Here is the interior of this little cupboard:


Can you see the perfectly faded white-washed interior?  I love that!

My second favorite find was a vintage wallpaper table.  Now, I realize that while these are not necessarily easy to find, they are available if you really search for them. So, they aren’t rare but you still need to put some effort into finding them. This particular wallpaper table I love because of the color.  Again, like the medicine cupboard, it is this soft faded natural wood.



I also adore the clean and simple lines that these tables offer.  They are so utilitarian yet graceful.  They are also quite long -with this one being slightly longer than 6 feet in length.  Here are some more photos of the wallpaper table.

I also love the faded top and how it still has imprints of some newspaper that is well adhered with old wallpaper paste.



Here is another photo of the table, just styled slightly differently.



The greatest thing about these tables is that they fold up into long rectangular boxes.  It makes it so easy to transport them.  The other wonderful feature about these tables is that they are relatively light weight and easy to carry.  At least, compared to a conventional table.

Aside from the medicine cupboard and the vintage wallpaper table, I have also been collecting matte white pottery.  I collect varieties made by all the well known pottery makers- McCoy, Haeger, Weller, Shawnee etc.  These pieces of pottery look fabulous when they are grouped together, show casing all the different shapes and styles.



I figure with all the winter whites and the snow we have been getting, this pottery seems to fit right in.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!  Hopefully you found some inspiration!  If you decide to start collecting matte white pottery, please let me know.  Leave a comment below.

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