Collecting Vintage Trophies


The other day I got some happy mail.  I had ordered some vintage trophy cups from England and they had finally arrived!

These are small trophy cups that are silver plated.  (With a few exceptions).  Some of them are engraved and others are not.  As I unpacked them and set them up together, they immediately stole my heart.

Although they look great all grouped together, I quickly realized they could be useful for other purposes.  One of them found its way into my studio and is holding paint brushes. Another graces the dining room table with spring blooming daffodils. One of the tiny trophies was perfect for holding Q tips.

Anyway, I quickly realized that I needed to take them to the shop or else I would find the “perfect use” for all of them throughout my home.  Upon their arrival, I washed all of the trophies in warm soapy water.  I did not polish them because I love their tarnished exteriors. It adds so much character and warmth.



Several of them had quite a luster and shine to them.  This one has an engraving for the “Star Series”.  Honestly, I don’t have a clue what the Star Series was or is – but I love the sound of it.




These vintage trophy cups have definitely inspired me to look for more.  Let’s face it, winning a trophy isn’t something to be taken lightly.  Winning a trophy usually involves lots of work, time and effort.  So, it only seems reasonable that these trophies would continue to be cherished as time passes. Even if it’s only to hold a bouquet of spring daffodils.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  I hope you found some inspiration in this little corner of the internet.


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