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I am so excited to introduce you to Cindy. She and her husband, Steve, own Reinvented Delaware a shop located in Milford, Delaware. They specialize in taking old furniture and giving it a new life. However, what I love about Cindy is her step-by-step guidance on how she refurbishes furniture.  She is on Instagram @reinventeddelaware  and she also has a You Tube channel, Reinvented Delaware, with a variety of tutorials.  Her tutorials are extremely detailed and it’s obvious she is sharing all relevant information because she wants to help her followers.

Not to mention, she also has a website and a blog.  I don’t know where she gets time to keep up with all these social media accounts AND refurbish furniture AND run a business.

Let’s look at some of the recent projects she has shared with us. Like these amazing caned chairs.



Here is a photo of them repaired and painted.



She also redid this old desk which was a pretty substantial piece. Oh, and I loved the cute little dog posing in front of the desk.


Here is the desk after she and her husband refurbished it.


How amazing is that transformation?  It doesn’t even look like the same desk.

She also has a fantastic tutorial on her blog showing you how to make a tufted French mattress.




Finally I have to share this settee that she and her husband refurbished. Holey Moley. What a “before and after” story! This project was shared during a series of posts on her blog. She lists all of the posts here.




So, definitely check out Reinvented Delaware’s Instagram, Website, You Tube Channel and their store in Milford Delaware.  You will find inspiration, step by step tutorials, and a lot of great information!

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