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In the event you haven’t been keeping up with all the “talk” on social media, Kim Leggett’s second book, Home Stories is officially released TODAY.

Kim was kind enough to send me a preview copy and I pretty much spent the entire weekend devouring its contents.

First, I have to confess, that I have always been drawn to antiques.  Ever since I was a child.  I always thought they were interesting and they piqued my interest.  Over time, my taste in antiques and vintage items has evolved.  In general, I have a particular fondness for items that are handmade and items that provided service over the course of time. This means that I like old mason jars, cupboards, wooden trunks, ironstone, baskets, stools, mixing bowls, mirrors, books and art work.  (To name a few things…)

So, reading this book felt a lot like coming home.  Where it’s a presentation of all the vintage and antique things I love,  set in beautiful homes,  complete with a story accompanying the items.  One of my favorite stories Kim tells is about her love of restaurant ware that graces an old cupboard in her kitchen.  Without spoiling the story for you, I will share that the love of her collection has something to do with a place she occasionally ate at when she was a child.

This is a book about so much more than decorating or collecting.  This book answers the question “Why?”.  It puts the spark into the equation of how, why and what to collect in our own homes.  Knowing the story that accompanies an item makes it so much more appreciated. These stories take an object that is already unique and it gives them a soul.

This books also presents how the vintage/ antiques items and their stories can change for each season.

In addition to the beautiful photography and incredibly inspiring homes, including Kim and David’s own home, there is also an entire chapter which provides a Shopping Guide.  In this chapter Kim provides her sources where she obtained some of the vintage and antique items in her home as well as those items found in other people’s homes.  She also provides you with information about other vintage/antique dealers and where you can find them on social media.  This is priceless information for the collector!

If you haven’t already done so, you can order Home Stories here. I assure you that buying the book is well worth the money and it is sure to provide you with inspiration and stories for years to come.

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