What’s in my booth box?




From time to time, my booth box has made a cameo appearance in my photographs.  I swear, when I am not looking, it grows legs and walks right into the middle of my photographs.

Anyway, over time, a number of you have asked: 1. What the heck is that plastic bin? Obviously, it is not an antique nor is it vintage.  2. Why is it in your photographs?

The plastic bin is my “booth box”.  It’s inadvertently in my photographs because I carry it with me whenever I visit my booth.  It’s pretty much indispensable.

So, I thought I would share with you the contents of my box.  It’s extremely handy to have around.

First, the obvious- tags, pens, twine, scissors, stickers, business cards and tape.  However, it also includes paper clips, safety pins, thumb tacks, a variety of wood screws and ceiling tile clips (for dropped ceilings). There is also an assortment of small tools such as pliers, a hammer, a wrench and – super important- a small level. (Otherwise, I would never hang my shelves or pictures straight!)

There are furniture sliders (for those big cupboards), felt pads that stick to the bottom of furniture (like chairs and stools), sand paper, and even a wax puck ( for any doors/drawers that stick).

I also carry clear cellophane bags – which come in handy for combining small items together in a small package.

There is also an assortment of zip ties, twist ties, an extension cord, and extra light bulbs.

Finally, I also include some “Goo gone” to remove sticker residue and a  bottle of window cleaner, along a freshly laundered fluffy rag.

That pretty much sums it up!  Somewhere in that box is an extra pair of legs that it grows so it can wander into the middle of my photographs.  Haven’t found them yet, but I know they are in there.

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