Fresh Finds – October 2020


Obviously, it has been awhile since my trip to Maine.  However, I just recently found the time to photograph some of the finds! The good news is that these fresh finds will be heading to the Stone Soup Antique Gallery at its new location.  Until November 1st, these items have been safely tucked away here in the apartment.

So without further ado, here are some of the fresh finds from Maine.



First up, is this giant camp kettle with the best patina.  I think there was enough coffee in here for 45 people.  Seriously, its huge!  However, I love how it can be used for the different seasons.  It would look great filled with hydrangeas in the summer and filled with evergreen boughs for the holidays.



As an aside, this table that I photographed these items on is also from Maine.  I bought it about 12 years ago when I was living there.

Anyway, I also purchased this great old general store jar.  The lid is attached and flips up to open.  I am sure this jar was filled with penny candy at some point in time. I choose to fill it will some balls of vintage twine.



I also found some ironstone plates with the best back stamps on them!

As I was shooting photos, I was trying to price items. So you will see tags here and there.




Underneath the ironstone plates is a round bread board from England.

I also found some brown transferware, both a platter and tureen.  The tureen is in the aesthetic movement style.




With the holidays just around the corner, I couldn’t pass up this little blow mold light up Santa. He looked so jolly and came with the plug-in light fixture. (Usually the light fixture is missing)


This laundry basket with the folding legs was another great find!  It is in excellent condition with all the corners intact.  The bottom is solid wood and it is so sturdy.  Of course, I had to fill it with Penny and Ivy pillows.





Also, I had the tremendous fortune of finding the most beautiful primitive Maine cupboard. However, it was too darn heavy to carry up the stairs for me to photograph.  It too will be brought to the new shop location.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!  I hope you found that some of these pieces inspired you.

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