Things this week that made my life better

I’m so thankful for these longer days.  Now that we did the “Spring Forward” for our clocks, there is an additional hour of sunlight in the evening. So, at the top of my list of things that made my life better this week, is daylight savings time. Photo below, courtesy of the late afternoon sunshine.



Second, I have been on an organizing kick.  It takes a long time to get settled into a new home and to find the right place for all the “things”.   This week I organized my desk, which was no small feat.  To celebrate the new found order, I bought a new desk lamp from the Studio McGee line at Target.  Hooray for being organized AND being able to see.



Winter is still lingering here in the northeast so I am constantly using lotion on my hands and   this lip balm. I keep them near by at all times.  This includes  in my purse, my makeup bag, at my desk, my coat pocket and in my car. 


Have you visited Emily’s  My Weathered Home blog? Oh my goodness.  It is so inspiring and she finds the BEST stuff.  You must go and read her blog posts. Look at what she found at a recent estate sale.  Enough said.


Photo: Emily from My Weathered Home


Finally, this week it was Saint Patrick’s Day and that inspired me to make Irish Soda bread.

It does not require a yeast and it’s fairly easy to make.  Here is an easy and tasty recipe to try by Sally’s Baking Addiction.


photo: Sally’s Baking Addiction


That’s the weekly round up!  Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

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