Things this week that made my life better


There are signs of spring arriving here in upstate New York.  For starters, I hear spring peepers when I am walking the dog in the evening. The temperatures have even crept into the 60s on a few days.   So without further ado, here are the things that made my life better this week.

My friend Bonny shared some ironstone pieces that she recently acquired with me and that really made my week. She is a fellow dealer and the best friend a girl could ask for.



Have you been following Ellen from FeatherGlass on Instagram? She has the most inspiring home tours that are incorporating a subtle a spring theme.  Here are some screenshots from her Instagram stories.  I love how she is refinishing the old park bench.





Many people are heading to Round Top Texas to attend the antique show next week.  Although I can’t be there, I am enjoying all the videos being shared on Instagram and You Tube. This is not your grandma’s antique show!  There is a huge selection of imported European antiques including French, Swedish, Dutch and German pieces.  Interior  designers, celebrities and of course, instagram influencers,are walking  all about in the different fields showcasing antiques. Here is a short video for you to watch:


Next year, I am definitely going!

Oh -now is the time to start your seedlings! Start your basil, tomatoes, and other annuals now inside. Burpee has great advice on how to start your seedlings indoors.



Hey!  Happy Friday!  Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

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